Bay Rings Helps Couples Save Money on Wedding Rings, as Average Honeymoon Cost Soars to More Than £3,800

As the price of the average honeymoon reaches £3,860, Bay Rings, the budget wedding ring suppliers, are helping couples to find ways of reducing the cost of their wedding so that they can enjoy the holiday of their dreams.

With the prices of these holidays soaring, couples need to make vital cutbacks to their wedding budget in order to be able to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience on their honeymoon. Many newlyweds prefer to start their married life together in total bliss on a luxury sunshine break or an adventure trail, and the demand for this type of holiday is so great among couples that things such as outfit rental and low-cost rings are becoming a main feature of their wedding, in order to free up some much-needed funds. Bay Rings are one of the wedding providers helping couples to realise their travelling dreams and unleash their inner wanderlust.

A spokesman for Bay Rings said, “Many people are choosing to shun the traditional ideal of an extravagant church wedding so that they can instead experience the wonders of the world on an incredible holiday. With our range of custom wedding rings at low prices, we are helping many couples to realise this dream, see the world and start their married life off in memorable fashion with round-the-world trips and luxurious honeymoon destinations they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford.”

Bay Rings’ stunning range of budget wedding rings encompasses a range of different materials, with titanium, platinum and white gold amongst the most popular. They also include traditional yellow gold, and unique two-tone wedding rings for those who want something a little different on their big day. The rings start at just £172.70 for a beautiful platinum wedding ring, freeing up much-needed funds to put into the honeymoon savings pot.

All of the rings can be customised to suit the bride or grooms wishes; they can be engraved with script or important dates, they can have delicate detailing and they can even be set with stunning diamonds. A diamond-set platinum ring with three stones begins at just £434.95, demonstrating that great value doesn’t have to come at a high price.

As an online-only store, Bay Rings is in a unique position to offer these endlessly beautiful pieces of jewellery for less, simply because they have no overheads to pay. In the same way that couples forego expensive dresses and extravagant rings so that they can put their funds towards a more memorable holiday, Bay Rings have foregone a retail outlet so that they can pass the savings on directly to its customers.

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