5 Ideas to Personalise Your Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is a deeply personal piece of jewellery; a symbol of shared love between two people, that must represent both of them. In order to ensure that their wedding ring feels truly unique and individual, many people choose to get their rings personalised, giving it an intimate sense of belonging only to them. Here are our top five tips for personalising a wedding ring.

1.   Quotes or Lyrics

Many couples will often say that there is a specific lyric or quote that means a lot to them as a married pair. Whether it’s from ‘their’ song, a line from a romantic movie, or even just a private phrase between the two of them, many people then choose to have this engraved on the inner side of their wedding ring, to make it truly personal and individual. Even if there isn’t a specific lyric or quote that you might get engraved, you can pick a poignant line from your wedding vows, or even just a generic phrase – ‘I Love You’ and ‘I Do’ are among the most popular.

2.   Birthdates or Birthstones

A marriage is an alignment of two people’s lives, so many people want to depict this by adding a symbol of their birth to their wedding ring. Some people get Roman numerals engraved to symbolise their birthday, whereas some prefer to use birthstones to give it an individual characteristic that is personal to them. If you want to get two birthstones set into the ring to symbolise both yourself and your partner, be sure that they don’t clash!

3.   Names

This one seems fairly obvious, and it’s one that we always suggest to our clients when they ask us what personalisation methods we could recommend. Nothing could be as simple as getting your new husband or wife’s name engraved on the inner side of a ring. If there isn’t room, perhaps some initials or a nickname, which would also be an intensely private and personal addition.

4.   Dates

If the idea of a birthdate doesn’t appeal, why not choose an anniversary instead? The first time you met? The date of your wedding? The first time you said ‘I love you’ to one another? Whatever your personal date indicates, it will be with you forever if it’s engraved on the inside of your ring – and there’ll be no excuse for forgetting this important anniversary!

5.   Children

Many people who get married already have children, and they want them to be as involved in the process as possible. After all, a wedding in this circumstance is not just about man and wife, it’s about uniting an entire family. Why not engrave your children’s birthdates on the inner circle of the ring, or get their birthstones added for the ultimate personal touch? That way the entire family is represented in a single piece of jewellery, a token not only of marital love, but also maternal or paternal devotion.

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