Wedding Ring Experts Extol the Benefits of Titanium Wedding Rings

Bay Rings, the UK’s number one online destination for budget wedding rings, has spoken out in favour of titanium wedding rings after a recent surge in demand for the popular metal. The wedding ring providers have a huge range of titanium rings on their website, and are noticing sales rise as savvy brides and fashion-forward grooms snap up stylish and durable titanium rings that will act as a lasting token of their love for one another.

After years of domination in the wedding ring market by classic white gold and contemporary platinum, titanium is seeing a rapid increase in popularity. Though platinum still edges it out as the wedding ring material of choice, titanium is seen as an up-and-coming alternative that offers quirky couples a less traditional option.

A spokesman for Bay Rings says, “We’re definitely noticing increasing interest in our titanium wedding rings – they’re incredibly budget-friendly, they’re durable and hardwearing, but most of all, they’re just as beautiful as the coveted platinum and white gold rings that have always been so popular. Our range of titanium wedding bands can be customised and amended to fit any couple’s desire, and this ring material is fast becoming the premier choice for those wanting to make a real style statement with their marital jewellery.”

With titanium rings from Bay Rings starting at an incredible £21.95, they are perfect for the increasing number of couples that are planning weddings on small budgets. Recovering from a recession and trying to get on the property ladder means that wedding budgets nowadays have very strict limits, and this has been a key factor in the rise of titanium as a wedding ring option. To buy a beautiful pair of matching rings and still have change leftover from £50.00 is something of a godsend for couples trying to minimise the cost of their nuptials.

Titanium is also incredibly versatile. Although it’s renowned for being a strong material, it can also be manufactured in a wide variety of styles – think inlaid metals, different polishes and the ability to set gemstones into the metal. It’s much lighter than other metals, which makes the wedding rings super comfortable to wear, and it’s biocompatible with almost all types of human skin, meaning those with sensitive skin can wear their ring with pride, without fear of rashes or irritation as a result.

With its new, coveted status, titanium is enjoying a moment in the spotlight – and for good reason. The attractive material is stylish and fashion-forward, it’s durable enough to last for decades and it’s cheap enough to incorporate into almost any wedding budget. Men prefer titanium jewellery to the more feminine white gold, and it’s gentle enough on skin to be suitable for all skin types. When it comes to choosing a wedding ring material, it seems that the buying public are onto a winner!

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