Take Inspiration from Serving Soldier with Custom Wedding Ring from Bay Rings

After a UK soldier serving in Afghanistan moulded a penny into a glittering wedding ring for his fiancée this week, Bay Rings are encouraging all prospective grooms to get creative and customise their weddings rings for the woman they love.

When Jolene Riley asked her boyfriend Ben McDowell to bring her back a penny from Afghanistan as a sentimental gift, she got more than she bargained for. Ben turned an authentic Afghan coin into a beautiful ring in a touching gesture that saw the two get engaged immediately. Now Bay Rings, the leading custom ring retailers in the UK, are speaking out to more couples in order to encourage them to create their own personalised, individual rings ahead of the big day.

A spokesman for the company, which specialises in gold, silver, titanium and platinum wedding rings, says, “The heartrending gesture from a serving soldier to his girlfriend was a wonderful example of how custom rings can be more meaningful and powerful than standard shop-window style pieces. At Bay Rings, we can personalise rings by offering engravings and a range of different stones in order to make a ring truly personal and unique to a couple. We’re speaking out to all men wondering how on earth they’re going to find a special ring for their ideal woman – we urge them to get creative and allow the ring to do the talking for them!”

Bay Rings is the online subsidiary of a well-known jewellery provider – their online-only store means that they can pass on incredible cost savings to their customers. Rather than spending thousands on custom rings, customers can reduce their outlay to just a few hundred pounds, for a high-quality personalised ring that will stand the test of time.

Their selection of rings is expansive; from platinum bands to the more intricate Russian and Celtic rings, there is a wide selection to choose from. Each and every ring can be customised with engravings that come in a multitude of different fonts; whether you want something bold and traditional, or a more contemporary, elegant script, Bay Rings delivers. There is also the possibility of adding hearts, double hearts, arrow-pierced hearts and infinity symbols, to add a truly romantic touch to the band.

Taking their cue from the serving soldier, all men are now being urged to pour their heart into the creation of their future wife’s wedding ring. Whether they want to mould their own from a precious coin, or simply personalise it using Bay Rings’ value customisation services.

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