Protect and Personalise Rings with A Special Message

Many people get their wedding rings engraved as a deeply personal touch and a way to make sure their marital jewellery is totally unique. It’s a great way to send a message of love and commitment to a loved one, but it can also help couples to identify their ring should they ever go missing – as demonstrated by one couple who were holidaying in California.

The couple, Greg and Sarah Lindsay, had their rings inscribed with a message personal to them, taking inspiration from the classic TV show, Friends. Their wedding bands were engraved with the message, ‘My Love, My Life, My Lobster’, in a reference to Ross and Rachel’s long-lasting love that endured the show’s ten seasons and beyond. But when Greg’s ring went missing on the beach in California, the two assumed that the band had been washed into the Pacific and they would never see the beloved piece of jewellery again.

In an incredible stroke of luck and fate, a woman walking along the beach just a few days later saw what she initially thought was a bottle cap. On approaching the item, she realised it was a wedding ring with a unique inscription, and she set about using social media to find the owners. Thanks to the unique engraving on the inside of the ring, the post went viral and just four days later Greg was reunited with his one-off wedding ring.

The story demonstrates that engraving a ring can have a myriad of benefits besides the sentimental touch. There are many situations where couples may need to remove their wedding ring – whether they’re at the gym, at a place of work or simply just getting in the bath – and having a personal message or unique touch added to the ring can help people to identify the ring  if they’ve removed them.

If a ring is lost, many people nowadays turn to social media in an attempt to be reunited with their most personal and precious jewellery. They often cite the ring’s special features in order to help people to identify it, but if the ring is purely generic with no unusual or individual characteristics, they may have trouble claiming their ring back if it’s found. By engraving special dates, quotes or meaningful lyrics on their rings, they give their jewellery a crucial identifier should it ever go missing, protecting and personalising their wedding band with one simple decision.

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