Design a Unique Ring to Cherish Forever

For modern couples planning a wedding, it is becoming increasingly difficult to personalise the big day – especially when they are on a tight budget.  Many venues use similar décor, some registrars and priests may not allow individual vows and most wedding albums show identical images with different faces.

Nobody wants to have a similar wedding to a friend or a member of the family, but there are limited ways in which to make the wedding ceremony unique.  Moreover, many distinctive elements available such as live music or releasing doves are extremely expensive.  Most couples can’t afford these added extras when their budgets are already stretched to the max just by accommodating all their guests.

A special way to honour the wedding vows and ensure you have something exclusive to your ceremony is to design your own wedding rings.  While an extravagant wedding day is a priority for some people, the most important part of the day is the vows the couple make and the commitment to marriage.  The rings are the outward symbol of this love and commitment which you will wear forever; therefore we believe the wedding rings are one of the most important elements of a wedding and a marriage.

Wedding rings are cherished for eternity, so what better way to signify your love for each other than creating a bespoke ring? Knowing that you are the only couple in the world with those exact unique rings will reinforce your relationship and make your wedding day distinctive and special.  Designing your own bespoke wedding ring is:

  • Personal and individual – you will be personalising your vows, wedding ceremony and long lasting marriage by creating your own individual wedding ring.
  • Easy – rather than shopping around for months for your ideal design, simply describe to the jewellery the style of ring you would like.  Designing a bespoke ring is the easiest way to buy your perfect wedding jewellery.
  • Affordable – purchasing a unique ring has a reputation for being pricey, but in fact it doesn’t have to cost any more than buying a normal wedding ring.  Budget jewellers Bay Rings provide an affordable bespoke ring service for couples planning on getting hitched, and guarantee to be cheaper than other providers.

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