Men Need Wedding Bands Too – Explore Custom Wedding Ring Designs for Men at Bay Rings

Bay Rings are one of the leading providers of stunning custom wedding rings on a budget, and this week they are urging those planning their wedding not to forget about the groom amidst the flurry of jewellery options.

Naturally, much of the focus on any wedding day will be on the bride’s wedding finger, but men often opt to wear a wedding band too – in fact, just 3% of grooms opt out of this tradition. Now Bay Rings are reminding couples all over the country that the groom’s wedding band should not be left until the last minute, pointing them in the direction of their custom ring design service to help make their love token more personal and unique.

A spokesman for Bay Rings said, “Men’s wedding bands often get overlooked in favour of the sparkly, diamond-encrusted women’s rings – but they’re just as important. The exchanging of rings is one of the most romantic parts of the wedding ceremony, and a wedding ring is most likely the only jewellery a man will wear in his daily life – so getting it right is tough! Luckily we offer a stunning range of men’s wedding rings in various different materials, and our custom ring design service can help men get the ring looking exactly as they want it before the big day comes.”

Men often prefer plain rings without too much decoration for their wedding band, and the Bay Rings collection delivers in every material. From unembellished titanium rings to streamlined and smooth platinum, men can have their choice of any bands they like, with the guarantee that they are investing in a low-cost ring that will be durable enough to last into the decades. Traditionalists can opt for gold wedding rings, and those that consider themselves more modern, forward-thinking men can even choose enamelled rings with a sleek embossed line or a pattern.

The custom option gives men the choice to personalise their rings further. They can have them engraved with special dates, words or other inscriptions, and they have full power over the ring’s overall appearance, from the finish to the size. If they see another, more expensive ring on the market that catches their eye, but want to have it created in a more budget-friendly fashion, they can send their ideas to the team at Bay Rings, who can source or create beautiful rings that match the demands of any budding groom.

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