A Personalised Wedding – 5 Tips from Bay Rings

A wedding is supposed to be an intimate, personal experience, with individual touches from the bride and groom that tie them and their families together for life. At Bay Rings, we love the idea of a personalised wedding, with custom flourishes that ensure this ceremony could not possibly belong to any other couple. Take a look at our five top tips to ensure your wedding is simply one-of-a-kind.

Yellow Gold wedding rings for him and her

Yellow Gold wedding rings for him and her

Vows – Many people choose to personalise their ceremony by writing their own vows. If the ceremony is going to of a religious nature, there is often not much room for extensive speeches, and readings tend to be taken from religious texts rather than famous poets or writers, but for many blessings and similar ceremonies, the bride and the groom often think up what they will say to one another beforehand to make their wedding even more personal.

Theme – Pick a theme that is close to both of your heart’s and try and incorporate as much of it as you can into the wedding. It could be a book or a film you both love, a place you visit regularly or some kind of hobby you enjoy. Choose table names related to the theme, try to create wedding favours that are in-keeping with the idea and weave little elements of it throughout the day to tie the whole event together.

Heritage – If you and your future spouse are from different places, why not try to bring a little something of your heritage into the ceremony? For example, a Scottish bride marrying a Welshman could have a bouquet with thistle and a tartan ribbon, topped off with a traditional Welsh flower like a Welsh poppy or a foxglove. Couples hailing from Manchester and Liverpool could swap football shirts on the day, and those that live on the coast could combine jars of sand from their hometown – the possibilities are endless!

Rings – Rings are something that everyone has at a wedding, so it is natural that couples will want to do something to make sure theirs stands a little out from the crowd. A small engraving that means something to both bride and groom will mean a lot, and is a small and subtle way to make the day more personal. Other choices include studding rings with birthstones or inscribing them with meaningful dates.

Get Involved – Rather than hiring everything in, roll up your sleeves and get involved in the creative process of the wedding. Many brides that want the vintage look nowadays source jam jars and fill them with fresh flowers for tabletops, or even create small preserves to hand out as favours. Grooms can get busy putting together playlists for the evening and many couples even get their friends involved. If you’re lucky enough to be friends with a bunch of talented types, asking for their help will not only keep the budget down, it will make the day more personal. Whether getting a pal to help with hair and make-up, singing at the reception or cooking for the wedding breakfast, having close friends and family playing such an important role helps the day feel more intimate and special.

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