White Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum or Titanium?

Getting married is an exciting and memorable milestone in any relationship. And the best part? Choosing the rings! Yet with the huge number of jewellers out there and an even bigger range of rings on offer, it can be a difficult and confusing process.  We take a look at the pros and cons of some of the most popular metals to help simplify the information and make your decision easier.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the most conventional of wedding band choices and hugely popular for its beautiful yellow tones. Some people are also exclusive yellow gold jewellery wearers and therefore the metal is a given for their wedding ring material. It is relatively affordable and can be easily resized which is a major upside for wedding rings that don’t quite fit! Its soft composition also means it can be easily engraved with romantic scripts. However this also doubles as a downside, its softness making it easily subject to scratches so if you expose your hands to heavy duty activities on a daily basis then it may not be the best choice for you.

White Gold

White gold is made by adding an alloy of white metals such as silver, nickel, palladium and platinum to yellow gold in its pure form. This gives it a notably lighter colour similar to silver and significantly increases its hardness making it a far more durable option for those who have their heart set on a gold wedding ring. To complete the process, the white gold alloy is coated with rhodium plating. While this gives it a gleaming ‘white’ sheen it will gradually wear away over time and need simple yet regular maintenance.  The addition of nickel can also be an issue for some allergy sufferers.


Platinum is the metal of choice for couples wanting to make a statement. The precious naturally white metal is a luxurious and highly fashionable option with the added bonus of being hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Its major upside is its durability, the hard metal being scratch resistant and extremely resilient. Unlike most metals it doesn’t tarnish and can restored to a beautiful shine simply by polishing it. However these benefits don’t come without a price… Platinum rings are not for those on a budget!


Titanium is a great option for couples on a looking for an economical wedding ring option. It is extremely heavy duty, scratch resistant, hypoallergenic, lightweight and low maintenance, making it ideal for wearers who are hard on their hands. While its durability is a bonus for some, it also means that titanium rings can’t be resized and are virtually impossible to engrave or craft into intricate designs. As such titanium ring designs are generally quite simple and understated.

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